Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tao kae noi

i found that this drama is a real story background of the owner of this man.. this story is a bout How the Owner of the tao kae noi slowly build this carrier up.
the scene i most like is, when he know that his father owe 40million debt but he still determind to stay at THAiland to build his carrier.
and the last scene is the way how he being inspired and the way he sucessful in Tao kae noi.

 the funny scene i like the most is
when he being reject by Seven eleven because of the packaging design. he went back and redesign his packaging. until now this packaging is still using. 

and now.i understand why all the 7 eleven packaging is nice and all are conviniance. other than that, i learn a lot from this movie.  
In this movie. i can apply in MY ccd mock up. i have to consider on how to design the M&M. have to consider the target audience. . then how to attract my target audience. . Green coloru of the packaging prove to attract the customer. the logo of the tao kae noi are cute. attract the customer too.. 


  1. Just watched the movie. It was very inspiring. I thought it was a fiction so I was amazed the the movie was actually based on a true story

  2. damn this movie so good so inspiring me!!! DAMN :'D LOVE this so much